ice slide rules

All spectators and participants assume all inherent risks while participating.
• Patrons participate in this activity at their own risk.
• A venue issued wristband is required to enter the ice slide amusement ride.
• Patrons must follow all announcements by the venue attendants and the directions of
the venue staff. Instructions and directives must be obeyed at all times during the
loading, cueing and exiting process. Do not walk on the ice unattended.
• No one is permitted to walk on the ice, ice slide or deceleration area period.
You must be at least 42” tall and be able to carry your own tube to ride this ride.
• All riders must ride in a sitting position, facing forward, with each hand grasping the appropriate handle. All tubes are for single riders only. Doubles and/or parents
holding children on their lap are not allowed.
• All patrons must keep all arms and legs inside the ice slide ride tube at all times.
• All riders should hold both tube handles and should continue to hold onto the handles
until they come to a complete stop.
• Riders are limited to 1 rider per vehicle/tube.
• Riders should not begin ride until the deceleration area is completely clear of patrons
and the attendant instructs them it’s okay to begin ride.
• No camera or phone usage my take place during the ride or loading process.
• Riders should take no action that endangers themselves or other guests.
their sled/tube from between the railings. Hold handrails for safety.
• At the termination of the ride, all riders should exit immediately from track and exit
area handing their sled/tube to the next employee/person in line for the ride.
• You should not ride this ride if you have any sort of back problem, heart problems, are
pregnant, or have any other health issues that might result in injury.
• Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted while participating and/or waiting to
enter/exit the ride. No riders which have consumed alcohol are permitted to ride.
• Ride attendants have the right to refuse access to patrons if they determine that any
of the rules have been violated. Staff my interrupt, stop or cancel the ride at any time.
• Secure all personal belongings; venue is not responsible for lost or broken items.
• Please report any incident, accident or injury to venue staff immediately.
• No profane language, obscene or indecent clothing is allowed.
• Any person who violates these rules assumes all risk.