From Symphony to Suds: A Local Brewer’s Journey At Moerlein Lager House


Gabe Wartman’s journey into the world of brewing is as unique as the flavors he crafts in his beer. With a background in classical music, Gabe’s path to becoming a brewer at Moerlein Lager House is a testament to the serendipity of life and the power of passion.

A Harmonious Beginning

Gabe’s story begins with a surprising twist. “I went to school for classical music and needed a job in the meantime. I ended up working at the brewery Nick was running, and it just kind of stuck,” he recalls with a smile. This unexpected turn led him to discover a new passion that resonated with him as profoundly as music.

His love for beer and its intricate history eventually guided him to Moerlein Lager House. “I just love beer; it has a fascinating history. I ended up here because Nick and I are great friends, and we just clicked when we met in Louisville,” Gabe explains. This friendship not only brought him to Moerlein but also ignited a collaborative spirit that continues to influence his brewing journey.

Crafting the First Symphony

Gabe’s first commercial recipe at Moerlein Lager House is a New Zealand IPA, a bold departure from the traditional German lagers the brewery is known for. His inspiration came from a local brewery experience. “I spent time going around to other breweries in town and eventually had an IPA at Westside that really turned my head. Riwaka hops are awesome,” he enthuses.

Creating this beer was an exercise in innovation and excitement. “Most of what we do here is traditional German lager brewing, so this particular beer is pretty outside of the box for us. It’s really just about finding the right blend of ingredients and just saying let’s go for it,” Gabe explains. His enthusiasm is palpable as he describes the meticulous process of experimenting with different blends and collaborating with homebrewer friends.

A Story in Every Sip

Gabe’s New Zealand IPA is more than just a beer; it’s a narrative of subtle flavors and balanced craftsmanship. “I love making subtle flavors shine. These are interesting hops that we can use to create a very balanced beer that will hopefully be a real crowd pleaser,” he shares.

For Gabe, brewing is a blend of trial, error, and passion. His main responsibility at Moerlein Lager House is cellaring, which involves maintaining equipment and ensuring the highest quality of beer. Through this meticulous care, he’s found beers and recipes that resonate deeply with him.

Engaging with the Community at Moerlein Lager House

Although Gabe’s New Zealand IPA is yet to be released, his eagerness to engage with customers is evident. He loves giving tours and sharing the rich history of brewing with visitors. “We spend a lot of time talking about brewing history and processes,” he says, highlighting his dedication to educating and engaging the community.

Looking to the future, Gabe is excited about his New Zealand IPA and other innovative projects. His vision for the craft beer industry is to continue doing creative things while ensuring quality and consistency. “Be patient. Take your cleaning and sanitizing processes seriously; it is always worth it to take the time to just sit and think about something before you start doing it,” he advises aspiring brewers.

Gabe’s journey at Moerlein Lager House has been enriched by the people he’s met along the way. “I just love the people. I’ve met a lot of really amazing people working here. That really means a lot to me,” he shares. When it comes to his beer, Gabe hopes customers experience a clean and balanced brew that keeps them coming back for more.

As Gabe Wartman continues to infuse his passion and personality into his brewing, Moerlein Lager House remains a beacon of innovation and tradition, one flavorful sip at a time.

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